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How to take care of your feet?

Walking seems simple and intuitive, doesn’t it? However, this is an act that involves an important part of our body that works intensely during the walk. For this reason, and for several others, the article below explains in detail how to take care of your feet .

They form a mechanical structure , very well orchestrated, that holds the body weight while we stand, lie down, walk or sit.

Realize that the feet carry a great responsibility and that would be reason enough for each of us to learn to take care of the feet .

In addition, there are several benefits to taking good care of your feet, ranging from improving your quality of life to preventing diseases.

learn tips on how to take care of your feet

Main problems and take care of your feet

Usually it is hidden inside the shoe and can go unnoticed in the day to day. However, the feet can also suffer from pathologies and even problems that reflect on the rest of the body.

So, see what are the main problems that harm the feet:


When the heel ligament calcifies, the spur appears. The pain resembles a needle entering the skin, especially when the person puts their feet on the ground. The spur arises due to overweight and the use of inappropriate shoes for walking or physical activity.


This is an inflammation of the tissue called the plantar fascia, that is, the tissue that covers the soles of the feet. The main symptoms of fasciitis are stiffness, pain and burning in the foot in the morning when getting up or after standing for a long time.


Although it doesn’t cause pain or more serious problems, cracks on the foot can indicate dehydrated skin. If cuts are present, a doctor needs to be consulted.


This is a problem of misalignment of the big toe with the bone that connects it to the ankle. With this, the person may have frequent pain in the feet and develop a deformity that looks like a lump just below the big toe. Bunions, in women, can occur due to the use of pointy shoes for many years.


Cramps are painful, involuntary contractions of the muscles in the feet. Such a manifestation may be associated with a lack of water and some minerals in the body or poor blood circulation, if it occurs frequently. The lack of stretching in the feet and the use of inappropriate shoes increases the occurrence of cramps.

Why it is important to take care of your feet

As we have seen so far, the feet can suffer from various events throughout life. But as if that weren’t enough, it’s necessary to take care of the feet because they help with our movement and support.

So, if your feet aren’t healthy, simple movements like lifting can become torment.

For sports practitioners such as running, jumping, pedaling, etc., this care is even greater. Being the foot responsible for boosting during a race, the chances of him facing problems are even greater, especially if we are talking about an uneven ground.

That said, let’s go to the tips on how to take care of your feet.

Foot care tips to take care of your feet

Knowing that the feet deserve care, as well as all other areas of the body, let’s list some tips so you can take care of your feet properly.



The skin on the foot is thicker precisely because it is exposed to the ground and supports our weight. With that, she needs to be exfoliated and hydrated with foot products. This procedure can be done by a podiatrist, and preventive maintenance can be done at home.


This part of the body should not be neglected when bathing. When washing your feet, run a sponge between your toes and dry well. Fungi love moisture.

suitable shoes to take care of your feet

Often the most beautiful shoes are not the most comfortable. It is important that you take into account the comfort of the shoes in order to offer healthy feet. Shoes that are too tight or too big also make it difficult for the bones in the feet to move and position themselves.

nail cut

The cut of the toenails also deserves attention. There is no need to cut your nails weekly. Every 15 days is a good time to prevent nails from ingrown and becoming serious inflammation.

foot bath

Who doesn’t like a relaxing bath? Well, our feet love it too. The foot bath offers a moment of relaxation and promotion of blood circulation through water. After standing for a long time or practicing physical activity for a long period, a foot scalp is welcome.

One step at a time

Foot problems increase with age, that is, as we use them they tend to need more attention and care.

Put into practice the tips we listed above to take care of your feet and prevent bigger problems from appearing in that part of the body that is so important.

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