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Accelerated Metabolism: Is It Good or Bad? [Common questions]

What have you always wanted to know about accelerated metabolism? We have gathered the main questions and, of course, the respective answers on this subject!

Is having the fastest metabolism a good or bad trait? Also, is it possible to change aspects related to metabolism?

The most important thing is that all the information will help you, both in your diet and in the performance of physical activities.

First of all: what is metabolism?

The first point, in fact, is to understand what metabolism is, after all. Let’s go then…

It is called metabolism, the set of chemical reactions that participate in both what we call anabolism (aiming at building new tissues) and catabolism (aiming at energy production).

For example, when you eat food, they need to be digested, their nutrients absorbed and stored in our organism, so that they can be transformed into energy later, characterizing metabolism.

That is, the activities of metabolism are extremely important for survival.

In addition, let’s see that metabolism reflects on specific points, such as the process of losing weight and gaining weight.

What happens when metabolism is accelerated?

Accelerated metabolism, as people call it out there, means described chemical reactions are done faster.

One of the main consequences of this is the greater energy expenditure per unit of time. That is, the person with agile metabolism can burn calories more easily.

It is important to emphasize that, if this situation does not cause damage to health, it can be considered abnormal.

As long as you feed properly, according to your needs, that’s fine!

The question here is to think about what your goals are, for example: do you want to gain or lose weight ?

Depending on your type of metabolism and desires, it is essential to make some adjustments. Yeah, yeah, let’s talk more about that!

Keep going this way!

How to know if the metabolism is slow or fast?

There are some factors and symptoms that indicate accelerated or slow metabolism. See what they are:

accelerated metabolism 

  • excessive sweat;
  • increased heart rate;
  • feeling of heat;
  • easy to lose weight.

slow metabolism

  • gain weight easily;
  • difficulty losing weight;
  • easy development of cellulite on different parts of the body.

Accelerated metabolism: causes

Characteristics about metabolism, whether it is accelerated or slow, can be due to natural causes. That is, the person is already born with a pre-disposition for one of these cases.

Another possibility is that of some abnormal health condition. For example, those with thyroid problems may have a slower or faster metabolism.

Of course, if the symptoms are very strong and frequent, it is best to seek medical attention.

After all, if you have a deregulated thyroid condition, for example, this needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Is accelerated metabolism good or bad?

It depends on each person’s goals. For those who want to lose fat, having an agile metabolism is much better.

After all, as we said, having chemical reactions and energy generation happening faster, contributes to weight loss.

Now, if the intention is to gain weight, the accelerated metabolism ends up providing a greater challenge.

Accelerated metabolism FAQ

What are the advantages of accelerating metabolism?

Is one of your big goals to lose fat? So speeding up your metabolism will be great for that!

Is it possible to speed up metabolism?

Yes. There are some healthy and safe measures that help speed up metabolism. Basically, they have to do with lifestyle.

Let’s see what these measures are, specifically? Check it out:

  • drink cold water – the organism, in this situation, needs to adjust the temperature of the water to that of the body, this increases the metabolic action;
  • do high-intensity training — interspersed training, for example, generates fat burning, even after the end of physical activity. An example of exercise like this is HIIT;
  • consume more thermogenic foods – some examples of foods like this are: pepper, ginger , cocoa, green tea, among others.

What is good for slowing down metabolism?

A good tip, to slow down the metabolism, is to make more spaced meals.

For example, instead of eating every three hours, a person can eat every five hours.

This makes the metabolism understand that it is necessary to save energy, otherwise the energy source may run out. So, saving energy, metabolism slows down.

Who has the slow fattening metabolism?

Not necessarily having a slow metabolism will generate weight gain. It really all depends on the habits of the person.

Even if someone has a metabolism like that, if that person practices physical exercises frequently, and eats healthy food, it will hardly increase body fat.

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