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Anxiety: 7 tips to maintain mental health

Anxiety is an increasingly common psychological disorder , especially among young people. The reasons for this are varied, but it cannot be ignored that, in addition to a routine full of chores, work, studies and other obligations, the excessive load of information that is part of everyday life makes it practically impossible for the mind to rest completely.Therefore, it is very important to take care of mental health , even if it seems like a very difficult task at times. To help you with this mission, We have separated some tips that can help to ward off anxiety and make your mind more relaxed.

1) Take a break from social media for Anxiety

Social networks have invaded our lives in such a way that today it is very difficult to go at least a whole day without logging into Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However, this is unhealthy behavior, and it can often end up harming our mental health. As much as social networks serve to “bring together” people who are far away, they can also be extremely toxic for their users. Comparisons are made all the time and the thought always arises that the lives of others are much better and happier than ours.

So why spend so much time in a place that often only does harm? This isn’t to say that you should cut yourself off from social media altogether , but it’s good to set certain boundaries.

2) Exercise can help keep anxiety at bay

To help control anxiety and keep mental health up to date, many resort to physical exercises . In fact, this is a great choice because engaging in activity, such as daily walks, helps to raise the serotonin level in the body. Other hormones that are also released are dopamine and endorphin, which increase well-being and make the person happier and more willing.

For those who are not very used to exercising and do not want to invest in something heavier, such as a gym, it is also possible to ride a bike or go swimming, for example.

3) Meditation helps clear the mind

This is a technique widely used to calm and relax the mind. With meditation it is possible to get away from everything that is bad for you or that can serve as a trigger for anxiety. Meditation helps to momentarily silence our thoughts and aims to promote greater tranquility and inner peace.

So that the individual is focused only on their own breathing and the sound of the environment. It’s a good way to relieve both the stress and anxiety that surrounds us on a daily basis.

4) Spend time with good people

Being with people you like is amazing and always awakens good feelings. Therefore, this is also a good way to “turn off” anxiety for a little while and fill the day with great moments with the ones you love. Try to forget the problems and live in the present.

Take the opportunity to catch up, have a good laugh and do something that you really like. It may seem like a silly tip, but it sure makes all the difference in an anxious person’s everyday life.

5) Reading a book or watching a series are great distractions

Nothing better than immersing yourself in another universe every now and then, right? Books, series and movies are great in this regard: you follow the entire trajectory of a character that makes you disconnect from real life.

Of course, we shouldn’t let this consume all our time, but stopping to read a book or watch a movie or series is an excellent way to distract yourself and be extra careful with your mental health.

6) Organize your tasks for the day and set aside some time just for yourself

Sometimes getting things out of your head and putting them on paper makes life easier for an anxious person. So how about thinking about everything you have to do and writing it down in an agenda or notebook? Organizing the day’s tasks can help an anxious person’s mind a lot and is a good way to set small goals for each day. And it doesn’t even have to be anything very elaborate.

it’s worth writing down everything you want to do, including some personal care . Having a little time just for you is also very important, so part of this organization should also be focused on your own well-being.

7) Take proper sleep for Anxiety

Sleeping well makes a huge difference in our daily lives. However, insomnia is usually a very frequent problem for those who suffer from anxiety, because it seems that the mind doesn’t turn off even when it’s time to rest.

To prevent this from happening, a tip is to avoid consuming too much content before going to bed – like watching the news or reading newspapers. In addition, it is also important to avoid screens at these times (especially the cell phone), because this ends up disturbing the arrival of sleep.

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