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Benefits of boxing: 6 advantages for your health

The benefits of boxing for a healthier life are many. If you are looking for a physical activity, learn about the benefits of boxing.

When we decide to choose a physical activity, there are some factors that we must consider: from the associated advantages, our abilities, goals to achieve or even preferences. If you want to tone your muscles, increase your body resistance, relieve stress and even lose weight, you need to know all the benefits of boxing for your health in general.

The time when this physical activity was mainly practiced by men is already part of the past. Currently, women are also making their presence felt, demonstrating their boxing skills.

After all, in recent years it has been possible to see an increase in demand for this type of sport, both by women and men. The demand is perhaps due to the combination of self-defense teachings with the combination of cardiorespiratory contribution.

We have no doubts that it is an excellent option for those who want to get in shape, learn to defend themselves, do different workouts and of course, improve their health in various aspects.


Practicing a physical activity only brings benefits to your body and mental health. However, not all people like the bodybuilding routine and look for other types of activities to achieve better physical shape and a healthier life.

For this very reason, we present the benefits of boxing – a sport that has gained fans, considered an ancient martial art that provides a series of health benefits.

Basically, it is an activity for any type of person, as long as a medical evaluation is carried out beforehand. For example: for pregnant women or people with joint or inflammatory problems in the wrists, the practice is not advised and should be prohibited.

Other than that, training will bring many benefits such as increased self-esteem, stress reduction, improved physical and mental condition, agility and much more. Stay with us and check out all the benefits of boxing.

Helps to lose weight

One of the great benefits of boxing is helping with weight loss . Through intense training, boxing favors weight loss. Various movements are performed throughout the body . Something that helps not only to define the muscles, but also to lose weight and reduce fat.

In fact, it is estimated that it is possible to lose, per class, around 600 to 1000 calories (highly beneficial amounts, especially for those who have problems in combating weight).

Tones the muscles

If your goal is to find an activity where you can sculpt and tone your muscles without having to do huge workouts with the help of machines, then boxing can be an excellent option.

The muscle groups of the legs, arms and abdomen are constantly worked and duly strengthened during the repetition of intense and fast movements. And in some cases, in order to land a single blow, the whole body is being moved.

In addition, it should be noted that boxing does not stimulate hypertrophy (ie, building lean mass). Which means it helps tone your muscles in a healthy way. All this, combined with a healthy diet and hydration, is crucial for the results to appear.

Increases self-esteem

As with any other physical activity, boxing will also boost your self-esteem. This is because by regularly practicing physical exercise, it helps to combat anxiety, negative feelings and of course, to feel better about your body physically.

Through regular practice, you will be able to reach your goals quickly and you will see weight loss and muscle toning are two notable aspects of boxing practitioners. Feeling good about your body and mind should always be a priority.

Reduces stress

The benefits of boxing are reflected daily in the mental health of each practitioner. When performing physical activities, there is the release of endorphins in our body – a substance that contributes to our well-being, improves mood and reduces levels of mental and physical stress .

This neurotransmitter is responsible for the feeling of pleasure and happiness, which can be felt right after practicing boxing.

Improves cardiovascular performance

Boxing doesn’t just help you lose calories and tone your body’s muscles. In fact, this activity involves endurance, strength, balance, speed and coordination – crucial skills for our cardiovascular system .

For this very reason, it is an aerobic exercise and its practice keeps the heartbeat rate high, allowing the heart to pump blood at a high frequency. In addition, it also contributes to deeper breathing while performing the movements.

Fat reduction is also an aspect that helps a lot to improve cardiovascular performance.

Helps in self defense

In addition to all the benefits already mentioned, boxing is an excellent activity sought after by many people who want to learn how to defend themselves in risky situations (although this is not the main objective of the classes).

So you already know, if you’re looking for a sport that will help you feel more confident and secure in the face of certain situations that may happen in your day-to-day life, boxing can be your greatest ally.

There are several benefits of boxing for the body and mind, it all depends on your goals and of course, if you identify with the activity or not. When in doubt, try a class and see whether or not it’s what you want.

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