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Post workout food: what to eat after training

Post workout food: what to eat after training. Training requires a lot of effort, determination, will, wisdom and self-knowledge. However, do you agree with me that after a session like that, whether you’re bodybuilding or running, collective or individual sports, recovering is extremely important?

So it is! Many mechanisms are involved in this scenario, where what makes up the environment is very relevant for the best possible recovery. Mental health, sleep and food are the main activities in this piece with so many facets.

Within this world, today we are going to talk about eating at a specific moment: the “post workout”. We’ll discuss how important it is for optimizing your results, as long as it’s done correctly, after all, your pre-workout starts with your post-workout.

Come with us!

What is post workout food?

Post-workout nutrition is the set of meals taken after a training session. Each meal plays an important role in recovering from training and preparing for the next activity, which may or may not be in a short period of time.

As if that weren’t enough, it is also relevant to stabilizing your health as a whole, especially when we mention your immunity.

Post-workout nutrition also collides with pre-training nutrition, since the meals subsequent to training make up the period prior to the next session. Therefore, “the post workout is the pre of the next workout”, since what we eat from that moment forward prepares us for the next sessions too, from the first minute.

What to eat after training?

After a training session, regardless of your modality, the 2 most important macronutrients at first, given your metabolism, are usually proteins and carbohydrates.

Our stores of energy from carbohydrates are practically depleted. This is because our body has its fatigue mediated, between different relevant points, by the decrease of the famous “muscle glycogen”, making it impossible to continue the exercise.

The protein has a very important action, which is to signal the body that we need to repair muscle structures, providing substrate for this to happen, as well as contributing to the production of immune system cells.

So, think about when your next workout will be and what, for how long, at what intensity and then we decide what to eat.

If you are going to train again in a period of less than 12 hours, I recommend that you increase the intake of carbohydrates from the first intake, prioritizing those that are more quickly digested and absorbed.

Aim to reach a minimum value of 20g per meal on subsequent occasions, except the one just before training. In this one, we prioritize carbohydrates only, however, if your training session is long (greater than or equal to 1h 30min of exercise), we recommend that you consume some protein and fat together.

As for options, foods such as white and/or red meat, cow’s milk, yogurt, whey supplement, vegetable protein mix, among many other foods, will be able to provide high quality proteins.

Others with carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, beans, corn, sweet potatoes, English potatoes, cassava, tapioca, among several options, are perfect for replenishing our energy stores.

Post workout food options

Now let’s get down to practice. Here are some recipes to make right after training and start this journey in the best way! It is worth searching on google for one with ingredients that you like best:

  • banana pancake with Whey ;
  • homemade hamburger baked with bread and sesame seeds;
  • banana smoothie with apple and cinnamon;
  • whey “brigadeiro” with powdered milk;
  • chicken pie;
  • sweet potato and chicken muffin;
  • shredded chicken sandwich;
  • scrambled egg with cottage cheese;
  • sweet potatoes with boiled eggs;
  • peanut butter sandwich + greek yogurt.

Post-workout nutrition is more complex than many people imagine, however, knowing the variables is liberating to know how to explore the best possible behavior. Want a more assertive result? Look for a qualified nutritionist .

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